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A huge fan of happily ever after romantic gay novels, this is something that carries forward into my writing. To date, I have managed to have three of my stories published (listed below), but have many more posted on You'll see from my bio that I am originally from England, and many of my stories are set in rural Britain.

ISBN: 978-1-83943-231-6
Famous Last

One glacial Friday night in late October, Spencer K. Wyrrell—Squirrel—sits hidden behind an evergreen bush, freezing his arse off on a stone bench in the deserted twentieth-floor rooftop garden of his boss’s London flat. Taking a break from volunteering to show social-distanced guests around her penthouse gallery of abstract art, he is waiting with an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne for the arrival of his habitually unpunctual colleague and best friend, Bev. But when the balcony door eventually slides open, the person who steps out is not his friend at all but the smoking-hot celebrity and chat-show host, Marshall J. Highlander. Unsure what to do, Spencer stays put and overhears Highlander’s private call. A newspaper is threatening to publish nude photographs of him and an ex-boyfriend from a holiday in France.


After more calls are made, an eerie silence descends on the rooftop. When a curious Spencer peers through the evergreen plant, he notices Highlander has climbed up onto the small wall surrounding the garden, looking out to the River Thames. In a moment of panic, Spencer decides to show himself, because, celebrity or not, everyone is only human and, as his mother has always drummed into him, most problems can be softened with well-chosen words, a little understanding, and a hug tight enough to make your eyes water.


And on that starry, starry night, an unexpected romance blossoms between two unlikely souls during a time of Christmas lockdown.

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

ISBN-978-1-83943-167-8 (2021)
Salvaging Christmas

Tired with awkward family Christmases, Trevor McTavish and his best friend have planned a getaway each year for twelve close gay friends to enjoy the festive season together in remote country locations around Britain. Far from the maddening crowds. Beautiful Stratham Lodge in Scotland, hugging the shores of Loch Arkaig, is set to be this year’s rental destination.


Except grim providence has stepped in and, one by one, friends have dropped out. Against their better judgment, they decide to bite the bullet and forge ahead with a much reduced, and somewhat contentious party, which includes Trevor’s formerly gay ex-husband and his new girlfriend.


On the second day, Trevor realises this year’s break is going to be a disaster. But then the son of the lodge owner, Rudy Mortimer, appears and the fun really begins.

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

ISBN-978-1-83943-084-8 (2020)
Any Day

For some, it takes a lifetime and a mystery to find each other.


Successful businessman Leonard Day’s life revolves around his work until a call from his mother summons him back to his family home in Drayton, Norwich. His father has died.


With a past he would rather forget, builder Adrian Lamperton prefers to live alone. But when Lenny Day arrives in town, feelings of attraction resurface.


Leonard learns he has inherited a Welsh farmhouse, something nobody knew about, and employs Adrian to help inspect the property. But tragedy and mystery surround the house and very soon they start to unearth things that others would prefer remain buried.


Reader advisory: This book contains references to suicide, attempted murder and religious bigotry. There are mentions of drug use, prostitution, child abuse and abandonment, and homophobia. 

ISBN-978-1-83943-084-8 (2020)
Companion Required

For the past five years, CEO Kennedy Grey has advertised for a gay male holiday companion to join him on his annual vacation. Although Kennedy claims to be neutral in his choice, he has certain non-negotiable requirements. Applicants must be between 21 and 25, non-smoking, social drinkers, either versatile or passive, and be able to pull off the role of dutiful boyfriend in front of his clutch of gay friends. What does the candidate get out of the deal? An all-expenses-paid vacation and five grand in cash at the end of the vacation—more if the candidate exceeds his expectations—a safe enough addendum because for the past three years no none ever has.

Kieran West sits in a quiet corner of the coffee shop, trying to finish an assignment. At 29, he is single once again. By now he should have settled down. But when his girlfriend of three years gives him an ultimatum – ring or road – he chooses the road. Worst of all, he had no qualms about doing so. As for his finances?  Saddled with a string of outstanding student loans, he is struggling to finish his masters while also supporting his brother through college. Losing his work at the estate agent could not have come at a worse time. And then he overhears the man at a nearby table recruiting for a job that pays a cool five grand. What does he have to lose?

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

MissingIngredient[The] FS_v1.jpg
ISBN-13 978-1-64080-274-2 (2018)
The Missing Ingredient

Up-and-coming London chef Marcus is poised on the edge of success, but the only men courting him are investors. His close family and best friend Lorraine keep him grounded—until a horrible accident takes Raine and leaves Marcus’s godchildren without a mother.


The death throws Marcus’s life into turmoil, but it’s worse for her husband, Tom—especially since she died in a car with a strange man. Tom is consumed by grief and betrayal, and he shuns the help of friends. But Marcus can see that Tom and his two daughters need someone, and his persistent caring finally wears Tom down, allowing him to accept the comfort Marcus offers. He helps them rebuild, and soon their world is approaching normal. Then the unexpected happens: Tom confesses he has romantic feelings for Marcus, and nothing can ever be the same.

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

ISBN-13: 978-1634767019 (2015)
Uninvited Guest

Fate is conspiring against lawyer Anton Swann. First his grandmother dies, then he hits the worst traffic of his life on the way home from her funeral, keeping him from friends in London―and possibly a much longed-for sighting of his ex. And finally the detour he thought would save him time ends with the electrics failing on his car, leaving Anton to trudge through heavy rain back to an old cottage he’d passed along the way, hoping to find help.


What he finds instead is the mysterious Dr. Stephen Miller, a man fighting his own battles. Anton is invited inside to join the tail end of an all-male dinner party, but this is no chance encounter. What Anton thought was fate is actually a spirit at work making sure he ends up at the cottage―and stays there until unfinished business is resolved for both Anton and Stephen.

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

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