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from Brian Lancaster


Gabriel Redbrick mourns the loss of his companion, Dr Albert Callico, who died in a minibus accident on his way to a medical conference.


Following a meeting with Albert's solicitor, Gabriel discovers he has inherited a derelict property in rural Italy. He also stumbles upon a secret message left to him by Albert moments before he died.


The message leads Gabriel to the Italian site where he meets the moody groundsman, Lorenzo. The clue, which eventually unravels Albert’s discovery, also puts Gabriel's life in danger.


But with a group of new allies, he finally has the chance to solve the mystery of his lost childhood.

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Meet the Author

BRIAN LANCASTER is an author of gay romantic fiction in multiple genres, including contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, crime, mystery, and anything else his elusive muse provides.


Brian once believed that writing gay romantic fiction would be easy and cathartic. He also believed in Santa Claus and the Jolly Green Giant. At least he still has fantasies about those two. 


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Famos Last


Starry Sky

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December 2022


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Now available from Pride Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major book distributors. General release from 30th November 2021.

December 2022

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by Brian Lancaster

Read Brian's new mystery thriller as it unfolds weekly. This and other unpublished stories of his are available for free on by clicking the link to the right.

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