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Apart from writing for publication, I also post stories as regularly as time permits on the Gay Authors website (GA) under the pseudonym Lomax61. This is where you will find many of my unpublished short stories and novels. Like most authors, I also have storylines that are either in progress or on hold for various reasons (usually because my muse has deserted me).


Posted stories tend to be first drafts, but they are still essentially complete, so if you would like to read them, I have provided direct links to full length and short stories available on the Gay Authors website.  

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Search the Skies on Christmas Eve

In this short story, Rudy and Trevor return to Loch Arkaig in Scotland for Christmas with a group of new friends; a CEO whose life changed when he advertised for a travel companion; a celebrity chef who found love with his late best friend's husband; a former baker and his tree-hugging partner; two older men who have been together since college; and finally, a doctor working for an international  charity and his lawyer husband. All of them are about to meet together on Christmas Eve, many for the first time.

As time moves ever onwards, their lives may have changed since their stories were first told, but the characters remain essentially the same. 

So here is a chance, dear reader, to return to beautiful Scotland and catch up on the lives of old and much loved friends.

Also Available on Gay Authors

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The sleepy village of Crumbington is about to get a wake-up call when the new chairperson of the Crumbington Summer Fête Committee decides to shake things up, including pushing to have a naked calendar of the Crumbington United football team. 


She also announces that this year’s festival will be hosted by none other than the rising television and movie star, Clifton O’Keefe, an ex-resident of Crumbington. Although some of the committee have heard of him, Nathan Fresher, local baker, had once been Clifton’s boyfriend back in high school, until Clifton and his family disappeared one night, over ten years ago.


To make matters worse, not only is his best friend's cousin, Jaymes Fischer, in town—a brattish, childish, unfunny conservationist—but despite being warned off in no uncertain terms, he takes it upon himself to fight Nathan's corner.

Warning: Adult-themed content 18+ years

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British born Chinese gay man Stanley Cheung wakes with somebody else's hangover. 


Not only that, but he is laid out on someone’s couch in a grungy student digs where a strange woman is telling him he smells like a brewery. The thing is Stanley rarely drinks. When the woman finally leaves, he finds out that not only has he woken as six-foot-three, ripped, blond-haired, straight Caucasian Don Bradley, but that today is not Friday. 


It’s Thursday. Again. 


He is reliving the same day but this time as somebody else.

BL_Full Circle.png

A short story in two parts.


Set in 1995, the story covers the blossoming love between two best friends during a camping trip and a tragic accident.


In 2018, an older man feels uncomfortable when he is stalked and then approached on by a much younger one who at the same time seems frighteningly familiar.

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